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Advanced Owl Pellet Kit

Advanced Owl Pellet kit
Price: $46.00
Item Number: KT-108
by: Hawks, Owls & Wildlife
Our advanced owl pellet kit supplies everything you need to teach high school and college students about the dynamics of raptor predation. This kit graphically illustrates the feeding characteristics of owls and other birds of prey and how data is gathered concerning the role birds of prey play in an ecosystem. Each kit contains the following materials for a class of 30 students working in pairs:
  • 15 heat sterilized extra-large barn owl pellets
  • 15 bone sorting guides
  • 30 wooden probes
  • 30 student guides that include life size skull illustrations of the animals commonly found in barn owl pellets, identification tips, and prey mass and dental formulae tables
  • 1 teachers guide containing information on the role of raptor predation, the life history of the barn owl, lab procedure and activities including data interpetation and graphing, illustrations and information on the animals commonly found in barn owl pellets, and life size skull illustrations complete with identification tips
  • 17" x 23" vole chart

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