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Family owned and operated since 1981, Hawks, Owls & Wildlife provides teachers with the highest quality owl pellets, owl pellet kits, and related environmental education materials available. Our goal is to help you learn more about birds of prey and their unique role in the environment.    We were first to design kits for various grade levels and our Elementary, Advanced, and Owl Pellet Mini Kits have been used by teachers all over the world, providing a fun and unique way for students to learn about nature.   Each of our kits include guides that contain life size, scientific drawings that clearly illustrate the unique characteristics of the skulls and bones found in owl pellets to help make identification easy for the student. 

What sets us apart from every other company is that we work with birds of prey each and every day.  Owl pellets are not just one more product that we sell; raptors are what we specialize in!  As part of our work in education and conservation,  each year we visit schools, nature centers and museums throughout the Northeast presenting programs on birds of prey and operate a captive breeding program.  

We are always available to help you make your classroom activity a success and to answer any questions you may have about owls and other birds of prey.  Please feel free to give us a call.


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